I tried to figure out what this anime is about by watching this. Thought it was about a demonic cooking school or something with Yuri and elements of foot fetish or something. Has anyone seen the Elon musk kakegurui shirt? Is this the same show or a branch of it? This opening and even the music artists are pretty much the same as the resurrection princess ones. I love it, but if it’s completely unrelated.

Elon musk kakegurui shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Elon musk kakegurui Ladies Tee

Elon musk kakegurui Ladies Tee

Elon musk kakegurui tank top

Tank top

Then I had to go to my mom’s house to do some chores for her, I turned on the Elon musk kakegurui shirt to watch something on Netflix and I didn’t do shit for two hours because of this… OK, so I’ve now seen this opening and not knowing a thing about the show my only thing was what’s going on? But I’ve now pre-order the first volume and should be here in two weeks because that’s when it’s released and I have to say I am looking forward to it because this sounds very interesting.

Elon musk kakegurui hoodie


Elon musk kakegurui sweater


The instrumentation in this reminds me of this shirt. Which is crazy cuz thematically they are both referring to “dealing with the devil” I liked the show but I had one fucking gripe. that grip is what the Elon musk kakegurui shirt is the purpose of the guy in this show. like he lost it after the first episode. Don’t know this show, but the creepy intro and amazing music make me want to watch it now. Hopefully, it’s a dark psychological! Those are my favorite!


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