Sunflower be here tomorrow shirt, I wish that Netflix was able to put out series like this on a schedule that was more like it is on TV. Having to wait an entire year for some of the series is maddening! Had surgery too unclog artery, have to have the other one done in December Not a pretty scary. I watch what I eat now What a party! Can you imagine what it is like at feeding time? Goats chew up everything. It’s a miracle that they have a barn left Sunflower Be here tomorrow shirt are all cute, and so are the other.

Sunflower Be here tomorrow ladies tee

ladies tee

Sunflower Be here tomorrow tank top

tank top

Sunflower Be here tomorrow shirt, sweater, tank top, ladies tee and hoodie


Sunflower Be here tomorrow hoodie


Sunflower Be here tomorrow sweater


These young ppl seriously getting dumber and dumber. I believe we need to come up with a way to improve these dumbasses education lol.  Since everyone is talking about the Sunflower Maze located at Brgy. Mapalacsiao, Tarlac City, I personally went there together with the Sunflower be here tomorrow shirt officers to see what it has to offer since it became an instant tourist sport And, here are some photos for you to see how beautiful the place is. People do stunts all the time, but they educate themselves on technique, equipment used, etc, so that accidents are kept to a minimum. I’m sorry for the family’s loss, especially the little ones.


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